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Dario Dominica

DE 14 DECEMBER 2013 The 02 MARCH 2014

Dario Dominic noticed something that just happens em Cuba. It is the frenzy of the revolution, or death. Nor is it the colorful and submissive languor of the Caribbean people, or obsession – that existed anyway – the absolute model. All these photos seem familiar and close, Known and imperfect. But imperfection is friendly, without the distance of folklore or claim of superiority look out. It is the only true artist can do; in each plane, as perfect as can, breathes life, without artifice and assembly. These images show all at the same time they want the well. They are a true document, but also full of affection. A bit like many of us “feel” Cuba.

Furio Colombo
Italian writer and journalist who has been director of L'Unita
Journal of the Italian Communist Party.

The Italian Dario De Dominicis works as a professional since 1993, collaborating with some agencies of photojournalism in Rome. His photographs have been published in various newspapers and magazines, as European, Expressed, Panorama, El Pais, World, Newsweek, Sunday Time, The mirror, International, Seven and a woman I do Corriere della Sera, Carta Capital, Morning Post.
In 1999 carries a story about the life of seminarians at the Pontifical Roman Major Seminary, published during the Jubilee 2000 by the Vicariate of Rome. In 2001 ends a photographic survey of four years on the monarchy in Italy, distributed by the agency Contrasto. Of 2002 a 2009 was professor of photojournalism at the State Institute of Film and Television Roberto Rossellini, de Roma. From 2003 dedicated to personal photography projects, besides teaching collaborations with schools as Officine Fotografiche, where courses in reportage and documentary photography. In 2004 part of the organizing committee of the festival of photography FotoLeggendo, in Rome.
From 1994 accompanies the complex transformation of Cuba after the fall of the socialist bloc in Europe. This design gives the book A Cuban history, published by Postcart.