32 Exposure:


By Marina Klink


These photographs of Antarctica are silent. No sign of noise in them, no talk, no motor, even a sign of people. We get loans um grand place. It's cold out there. Marina Klink will tell us the long version of the story, the origins of the planet and the universe, than there are still intact, majestoso e lindo. Is the version of geology. Let us know the age of the earth. It is this expectation that she creates these images. The trip is beautiful.

Matthew Shirts
National Geographic Brasil

Research poetic Marina Klink appears joining the example of photojournalism photographers who, with sensible look, informed by singular images the emotions experienced in his travels. Through his lens, Marina makes public a remote region of the globe. His collection of images, extracted in a land unlikely to humans, presents nature in a genuine way and carries, silently, the seductive desert immensity. His photographs crossing a little-known repertoire geographic and reveal scattered fragments indicative of a humanity missing.

Marina Plastic Klink reveals his knowledge and his artistic maturity to record the icy landscapes. With simplicity and audacity, his photographs had been exploring the viewer to a world unknown; a land uninhabitable, away from excess noise and contemporary.

Silvia More
Curator of Contemporary Art