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DO caldeirão DIABO

OF ANDRÉ cypriano


The prison complex Candido Mendes, located on the Big Island, along the bay of Angra dos Reis, in Rio are now only ruins, but the Devil's Caldron, as it was called by the photographer André Cypriano, is perpetuated in the images from this photo shoot, performed eight months before demolition. In it are the daily life of 600 inmates of the prison and the imaginary. Dense character portraits are curious how leaders Paulinho and Chiquito, one of the leading men of the Red Command (C.V.), criminal organization formed within the Candido Mendes.

The different aspects of the environment are portrayed by Cypriano - big steaming pans in the kitchen, art as a hobby of detainees, as thoses, the courtyard, tasks performed. Are images of a black-and-white flawless, poignant portrait while noble.

André Cypriano lives on the Big Island and the United States and works as a freelance, and conduct projects and social documentary photography. The Devil's Cauldron, released on the eponymous book by publisher Cosac & Naify, was contemplated in 1999 with the award of the Foundation for Mother Jones International Documentary Photography Merge, California, one of the most respected institutions to encourage documentary photography. The international award, granted for projects in continuity, allowed to carry out his new job, this time on the favela of Rocinha, that gave rise to the project: Rocinha: a city orphan.

Denise Camargo.