31 Exposure:




The photograph is in the field of technical image, one that uses a machine to reach the end result. Baudelaire said it would never come to the condition of art. He, unfortunately, not had the opportunity to meet the production of imagery Kitty Paranaguá. This artist, using photography as a medium of expression, always presents us with a balcony sensitive, poetic and intelligent, while worries about an aesthetic result of tremendous consistency and happiness to those who are facing their images. Art, certainly; but not because they are beautiful images - they go beyond. At first, seek to trace their photos chronicles one of the most famous places on this planet, the Copacabana Beach, and, then, the artist puts us inside their poetic reveries, in a Copacabana is not a geographical place, but a place inside us all.

Images that speak of many Copacabanas, passions, beauties, mysteries, beliefs, moods, relations. What she gives us is of the order of human, and we find ourselves displaced inside their photographs like you were there in sandals, bodies salty and lots of sand. The artist seeks to build images loaded from an aesthetic delight, golden points, symmetries, prospects and structured, vanishing points; she never leaves the station skilled photographer and filmmaker beautiful images, but this condition does not just. She needs to reach beyond the pleasure of the retina, looking for a more intimate contact, close and deep.

We see the work of Kitty a message packaged, closed; quite the contrary, it seeks to open avenues, leaving more doubts than certainties, a truly open work. Its production points to a concern for us to achieve our own essence, in what we are; From a geographical point to get to the human nature, what connects us and the way, What makes us men and women. This is the challenge of poetic artist, she, ably, has been for years trying to realize.

It's easy to become involved by extraordinary visual appeal of your photos and, it, we risk only use part of the message of the artist. If you stay aware, watching your images, realize that it opens a channel of dialogue, deslocando us inside ourselves. A picture Kitty de Paranagua, though not his concern, quem Creek, still attached to modernist precepts, is more concerned with the support and technical, relegating the photo to a lower plane, of technical and non-art. The image presents, incredibly, as something that, indeed loaded extraordinary technical precision in its construction imagery, beyond this point in search of a reflection of what we build, raising doubts, asking questions and, happily, leaving no definitive answer for nothing, inviting us to be part of this authorship… Then we.

Marco Antonio Portela