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José Eustaquio Neves was born in Juatuba-MG, 1955. Photographer autodidata, graduated in Chemistry from the Polytechnic School of Minas Gerais. VII Prize winner was Marc Ferrez Photos Funarte, RJ (1994); National Award for Photography, Funarte (1997) and Great Pr √(tm)Mio J. P. Morgan Photography (1999). Was also awarded, in 1999, com a Residência na Gasworks Studios and Triangle Arts Trust, with support from Autograph (Association of Negros Fottógrafos) London.

Altogether now held 17 solo exhibitions in Brazil (Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Fortress, Niterói, others) and out (Mali, Translation, Cuba and the United States, others), e participou of 36 collective, being the latest “Ordering and Vertigo”, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil and “Labyrinths and identities”, no Centro Universitário Mariantonia, both in São Paulo and “Football Penalty”, no Instituto Italo-Latino Americano, in Rome, Italy.

His photographs are part of the collections of the Cultural Santos, World Bank in Washington; do Museum of Fine Art Houston, Texas, Pirelli MASP Photography, Library of Cuba, Havana / Dentre other.
The series of football comes to social issues like almost every other series I worked. Here, in which case, football is discussed as one of the leisure alternatives the less fortunate, because the informal football does not involve costs to be practiced, can be played in the street, vacant lots, as is the case presented in this series.

Somehow, Football is also a means of socialization in these poor communities. The photos were made in the margins of railroads campinhos, in three different places that carry the same characteristics.
Remember that two years after I did the photos, was built a block of indoor futsal (those who have to pay to play), in one of these places. Needless to say that the boys no longer have access.