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Trust ye IMAGES

JOSEPH bassit

DE 11 DE MAIO A 24 JUNHO OF 2007

Between November 1998 and January 2003, the photographer José Bassit ran seven Brazilian states,. With the look of a penitent, its route resulted in a set of terms 100 images collected in the book Images faithful, that I lançou 2004.

Silent Photographer, José Bassit treated his research in relation to art and religion with the same dedication that have the characters in the images when they leave their homes: respect and faith. By exercising this "dialogue between feelings", the photographer could expose themselves and fall into place common to portray popular festivals and events to find a country in its moments of praise. But, not.

Images faithful, is a picture, black and white, of a people in search of his own face, your memory, their ancestry. It is precisely at this point that the photographer exercises silence, to put yourself in the place of the "other", to find oneself.

Images Bassit also work as a documentary. In the book they grow as life and death are for after birth, and then die later: born in the promise of votive pilgrimage in San Francisco das Chagas, in Canindé, Ceará. Craft dies in the Dark, Holy Week at St. John Del Rey. Pilgrimage is recomposed in Bom Jesus da Lapa, Bahia, and then plummet into a trance in the sands of Yemanja, Praia Grande, Sao Paulo.

The book has no color Bassit. Their images in black and white enhance every look, each empty space, each shadow play a show almost biblical, framed invention without cuts. With this, the intent of each scene intuitively equates to the intention of each character, or the many characters together as if they were one.

Images faithful, is a book no lies. The photographer with God nudged short stick, a set of individual and collective tensions, where even the pain is not sadness, where even without laughter stamped on the face there is no joy. Images faithful could also be a movie, an exhibition, an art object to which they must return to understand why Brazil is so, so different in body and soul.