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DE 08 JULY The 20 AUGUST 2011

Photography as was taught in school no longer exists, the idea of ​​the author as copyright understands makes no sense and needs to be reviewed, and those who had predicted the death of the photograph were flatly wrong. What we can say with all letters is that photography has changed, changed and very. It is estimated that today exist almost-tam 100 billion photos on Facebook, over 5 million new photos are posted on the internet every hour, in other words, everything becomes cloudy picture in the world was the Homo Photographicus where everyone can shoot and photograph all as a declaration of "I belong".

Eduardo Muylaert is one of the artists who understood this new scenario, their "Women" despite being the "Other" are the result of your work where the author plays the role of editor and recoletor, redefining a work that in its natural state would be in limbo more of the same. When faced with this slide box decade 50 and accepts it in his studio, it's like the Eduardo adopt, He takes them out of the limbo in which they were, which would probably be up to his disappearance, and places them on the gallery wall, the art world, this with authority and maturity indisputable who learned to see and show what he sees.

Eduardo, not content with saving the photos from the limbus, he confesses "Hard to believe that the starting point were suffered 50s pinups", decides to do it with poetry, requirement is not mandatory in the playbook of contemporary art, but probably his training prompted him to contaminate the images with your passion for photography, by women and the beautiful.

Iatã Cannabrava