10 Exposure:


OF EDER Chiodetto

DE 4 JULY The 26 AUGUST 2007

Imaginary borders

The creative act requires seclusion, rituals, discipline, delivery, priesthood. Closed in his office, the fiction writer craves between four walls discover new worlds. From the architecture and narrow, often confusing, of his office, the daily struggle with words, he handle flights towards invented worlds, improbable scenarios and unexpected characters.

These images show how writers organize the place where they spend, but most of their lives, at least some of its most intense moments. What about that place where he creates his stories? It is exactly where it almost never is. The narrative is your action space. In domestic office architecture lurk boundless worlds. It is from there that extend up the imaginary borders.

"The Writer's Place" is a story about storytellers. The author turned into character for the camera. Or Photographer, however, warns: the writer character is also invention. When speech itself may be talking about several people, can be the sum of all the characters who invented.

This display of photographs is an extract of the images that make up the book "The Writer's Place", Eder also Chiodetto, edited by Cosacnaify. In 2004 the work was one of the winners of the Jabuti Award.