37 Exposure:


Luz Garrido

of 10 August to 13 September 2014

Luiz Garrido, Rio began in 1968 as a photojournalist, working in the branch Headline magazine in Paris. Studied photography at the School of Vincennes and the École Nationale Française de Photographie, period which happens to be interested in the genre of portrait, portraying celebrities like Alfred Hitchcock, Gina Lollobrigida and Alain Delon, others. Back in Rio in 1971, was devoted to fashion photography and advertising, were frequent contributor to magazines like Vogue (Brasil and França), Interview, Claudia Fashion, Moda Brasil, It (Brazil, France and Italy), Playboy, Big (USA), G.Q. (England) e Photo (France). In 1982, founded the Agency and Studio House Photo and went on to develop personal projects as well as photographing Brazilian personalities from various fields of society.

Opting for black-and-white, escaping the obvious and the commonplace, Luiz Garrido, to "talk" of a group of writers, makes use of a resource much used in the literature. It uses metonymy that, as is known, is seeking to express the whole portion. In the case of this picture shows, part are the details. Now a gesture of hands, sometimes half a face, the expression of a look, one just sketched smile, ambiguous, a moment of reflection. With this strategy, he can compose a kind of "flagrant interior" of the characters portrayed. Zuenir Ventura

A complete playmaker. In 60 years in journalism, doing interviews, reports and escambau, I met hundreds of superstars of photography. If you had to climb a team (sorry, I am still filled with the Cup), Garrido would certainly be the absolute owner. Jaguar

A retrato is a crème de la crème da photo. Luiz Garrido has a recipe so we can enjoy with eyes the result of the excellent work that offers us. Sergio White,

Sometimes appear to me are theories - even my - that, sorry, I think perfect. I have one on the most recurring photographers. Detail: this only applies to photographers artists, the so-called great professionals. I believe, intensely, the photographer is the only artist in the world who do not have as lying. In his work, he shows inside, displays your soul, like no other creator. For more than a frame, a song, a poem, make us believe that its creators are showing, really, they see the world, they may be lying. The Person, assumes that it was a real guy, was just saying that they are pretenders. But no one can say if he was pretending to say this. Already the photographer, definitely, can not pretend. (Unless, é claro, in the bathtub of his camera dark; but that's another story.)

I proved this theory throughout life and I can say that, as a small example, photographer is not like your model, it comes out ugly in the picture. Unlike, if he goes with the face photographed, is its Simpatico, even if it's Robin Williams.

Now, there you see how beautiful people, nice, sympathetic, charming, Garrido displays this exhibition. Not that your models are all provided with the qualities I mentioned above. Here, who reveals he is, Photographer. Garrido, Besides being such great talent that puts him among the greatest Brazilian photographers of his generation, is a generous and kind soul, a beautiful person inside and out. A loving guy, outrante, like say the Drummond. Ziraldo