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DE 02 JULY The 31 AUGUST 2008

Fluidity and Permanence: Rio is to Brazil what Paris is to France and New York to the United States: the irresistible magnet and the ultimate challenge for all photographers. It takes a certain amount of courage or complete disengagement from history to dare lift a camera in front of the best known and most celebrated landscape of a country that, so celebrated and recorded in our unconscious, landscape is not already, is a scenario.

With its Rio, Claudio Edinger offers us a set of photographs of the city gifted with a rare cohesion. He is very skilled at unveiling the soul of people and cities, penetrating under the carapace visible to unravel their hearts.

Howsoever, wherever, Chelsea in the hotel room, a dormitory asylum Juqueri, in New York, Havana, or Calcutta, Edinger know always draw the best from people and things, committing his undeniable talent and prodigious energy a relentless journey through the twilight zone of people and cities. Everything beyond the banal attracts, in both people, and in the cities.

Culmination of a solid career and well conducted, Rio technique demonstrates the versatility Edinger, an author who moves with ease in various formats, jumping from black and white to color with the same clearance.

Backed in its solid technical knowledge, already attested in a dozen books, Claudio Edinger snatched the camera 4 x 5 their usual environment of caution and veneration to drag it across the universe profane, hedonistic, cranky and accelerated the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Edinger is a carioca who many believe to be a Paulista New Yorker. The truth is that Edinger was born in the blessed city of Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro, but injunctions family was exiled in childhood to Paulicéia, where returned eagerly every vacation to savor life's enchanted summer in Rio. Adult, lived for two decades in New York, epicenter of making photographic, before returning to St. Paul. However, Rio kept in your heart, burning chest as Itabira Drummond, which benign blight for which one does not seek solace in their eagerness to make it chronic and incurable. Having reached its point of excellence, Claudio Edinger dared to tread again the long and winding memory lane to celebrate this photographically his unbridled love affair with Rio, producing a paper to appear in a prominent position in the pantheon of great photographers of iconic relationships with major cities.

Peter Karp Vasquez.