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DE 02 APRIL A 08 DE MAIO DE 2011

The abandoned gas station, the old Cadillac reluzindo the sun, logomarca the ubiquitous Coca-Cola, the old Ford rotting with rust, the deep blue Sky scratched the clouds… Color, lots of color, dust and immensity. The legendary Route 66, Where did the first motel and the first McDonald's, today is a story cut into pieces. Numa these parts once the Mother Road - rasgava to the United States from east to west em exatos 3.755 km - landed the look-Miner Rio Roberto Soares-Gomes to capture the essence of an American dream that was swallowed by progress.

S will images of an award-winning photographer, nationally and internationally, that freeze in an instant what the weather is already mandated to erode. The sun also punishes the old west, ruthless, the remainder of the Rota 66. But is this light of American film - how not remember Easy Rider, Bagdá Café, Thelma and Louise and many others? - That set the tone for the composition of Soares-Gomes, its engineering with strong colors and spaces expanded by wide.

In this small immense world of Rota 66, today more a product of marketing that Americans know how to sell anyone, legends and stories are due to the observer. Even those who have never been there (and perhaps never will be) know that road is more than a simple link between two sides of the United States. A large part of the American way of life moved along Route 66 for half-century. What remains as a memory of a glorious time is now raw material for the creation of talented Roberto Soares-Gomes.

Sergio White
Managing editor of the magazine Best Shoot