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In 2004, uma viagem a trabalho ao Brasil e uma breve visita a Paraty muddou completamente a vida do fotógrafo e diretor de arte Giancarlo Mecarelli. Enthralled by its historic center, its corners natural and cultural climate that surrounds, decide to leave Italy, where he lived for more than 20 years, to come and live right in the historic center which opened the gallery zoom photography and created Paraty Paraty in Focus.

The name "Zoom" is related to important photography magazine that had its heyday in the years 70 and 80. Magazine from the beginning stood out not only by market news photography, but mainly for its audacity and sophistication, always presenting professionals with strong visual impact covers epoch. The magazine Zoom now has its headquarters in Italy-matrix and its copies circulating in Europe, U.S., Japan, Russia and China.

The gallery had the first exhibition 30 Layers magazine, 30 international photographers, 30 different styles, 30 very exclusive pictures. Giancarlo, signing of the thirty cases exposed, considered a great start, since this exhibition was shown in New York and Tokyo.

The decision to name the gallery with the same name and logo of the magazine is due to the strong friendship with the Italian publishers. One of the last works in Italy, o livro City Angels, published in 2004 was edited by itself Zoom.

Giancarlo started his career in advertising as an illustrator Brazil, was art director for major advertising agencies in São Paulo and Rio, such as Standard Advertising, Alcântara Machado, D.P.Z., McCann Erickson, Denison and others. In Europe he worked as art director in Barcelona, Madrid and Milan for Youg & Rubican, J.W.Tompson, McCann Erickson, inter alia.

In 1987 began working as a Photographer and Art Director in Milan. Signed numerous advertising campaigns as well as covers and editorials for fashion magazines and opinion. Made presentations in Milan and other Italian cities. In 1996 was invited to exhibit work "Donne per Forza" at Escola Panamericana de Artes de São Paulo, sample, had a great impact on the local media, earned him television matters between them, an interview on the Jo Soares.

A Galeria Zoom de Fotografia de Paraty realiza desde 2005 o Festival Internacional de Fotografia Paraty em Foco, evento anual que está entre os mais tradicionais do calendário fotográfico brasileiro e latino americano.