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DE 10 APRIL A 31 DE MAIO DE 2009

Angels and Men "So God created man in his image; created in the image of God."And the angels, were created in the image of who? The sacred books do not tell us and it gives wings to the human imagination represent them winged and diaphanous, on good you maus. In several religions exist an angelic hierarchy, each with a function: to Angels fit our custody and care, to Archangels: Miguel = Warrior, Rafael = Medicine and Gabriel = Messenger of Allah. Other, Serafin, Cherubs and Powers it is saving the throne of God and the holy souls rejoice with songs and praises. There, however, another angel perverse, Lucifer (bringer of light), one who has fallen from grace, duty was to guard the hell with your other angels. These are the best known in Western culture, but in Mesopotamia, and China, in India and even to the Indians there are these beings that act between men and Gods.

Men's imagination and gave wings, voláteis this etéreos, live levitating between work and leisure, between sadness and joy. There's an angel in each of us, live and persistent, which is shown whenever necessary, is the act or fact, is the assumption or view.
Believe in the existence and activity of the Angels is inculcated in our imagination since childhood. Who, infant still, not prayed, contrite and piedosamente, this beautiful and ancient prayer? “Holy Angel of the Lord, My zealous keeper, for you that I trusted the divine mercy, I gaze at, rule, dirija e ilumine. Amen”.

Giarcarlo Mecarelli selected for this exhibition thirty photos of her book "City Angels"Published in Italy in 2004 for which photographed personalities of the Italian media as writers, actors, entrepreneurs, aristocrats and common people who, winged, expose your angelic side, his will, without interference from the photographer. Angelic was also the fate of the book sale: reversed in favor of a philanthropic association that takes care of beggars and homeless people in Italy. Again Zoom Gallery offers visitors a job paratienses and photographic quality that complements the international cultural scene in Paraty.

Diun Mello
Director of the House of Culture and historian